Bethany Hour June 2017-4

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
Hebrews 11:3

Faith is for the living; the dead have no need of it. One consistent attribute that is shared by all living creature is growth. A dead state is when all types of growth have stopped. Growth demands change, and change confirms growth; basically they go hand in hand. And so, as a living being you are growing. Just as darkness and light are far apart, so the state of living or dead have nothing in common. To be alive does not automatically equate to having a living experience. Living is being active, functioning, going, moving, operational, running or working. A living state is full of actions.

Some people are conscious of their growth whilst others may pay no attention to it. Paying attention to ones growth involves obtaining knowledge in a deliberate manner and applying it to life in a purposeful way. The popular "faith in action" bible chapter Hebrews 11, teaches us how faith and its right application to life relates to purpose and the finish line. The chapter recalls the names of men and women who overcame tests and trials from God, Satan and even themselves.

Faith is confidence and assurance in what is unseen. The unseen is seen by faith. People who walk by faith make themselves vulnerable by believing in the unseen. They have taken their gaze off the past and the present, focussing only on the inexperienced future. When we exfoliate faith we dare to believe a new future, pictured in dreams and painted in the mind. Exfoliation is a deliberate exercise carried out to make room for the new.The best way to explain the act of exfoliating is to look at nature - snakes molt as they grow, shedding the old skin and growing a larger new skin; a crab molts its shell as it grows larger.

When we read the promises of God, and believe with our heart, we allow our faith to rise, setting off the exfoliating mode which helps make room for the unseen, the new and the promise, Halleluyah!

Here are some practical tips to Exfoliate Faith:
- Remove the images of yesterday from your mind
- Allow the word of God and His promises to shape your thoughts and imagination
- Complete some practical actions that help confirm that your prayer point, behaviour and attitude are in alignment with God's word
- Celebrate quick wins and little achievements through spring praise report
- Be ready to respond to barriers to, and blockers of growth
- Keep the pace by being consistent and dogmatic, speak the right words and maintain a right attitude.

Exfoliate faith is shedding the baggages, decluttering the mind and making room for God's promises.The mountain will move and the landscape will change for good.

Father, keep me steadfast in your word. Your word brings light, understanding, correction and direction. Your word is alive in me for one purpose - to manifest your glory and goodness in my life. Amen.